The benefits of supercharging

More than enough power at this Super Charger

Range anxiety is one of the main topics people ask me about. It’s also one of the reasons people still tend to use as excuse for not making the switch to a Tesla. With the unlimited free charging you get with a model X or Tesla Model S when u use the referral code is just a great solution for this all.

Charging on a road trip in Europe

Lately I’ve made a road trip through a part of Europe where we charged only at the superchargers. Not only is it a great idea to have a quick stop every few hours it also gives you the chance to take that much needed restroom break or have that Latte when you want it.

Are there enough chargers?

Yes there are for sure. In most parts of europe the superchargers are placed on the main routes and also close enough to eachother to make the breaks short enough. Never did I have to charge for the full time. And the charge rates at the super chargers are so high that a normal coffee, brunch, lunch or dinner break is more than enough for the needed charge.

When is it free?

When you buy a Model X or Model S and use another Tesla owners referral code you too can get the free unlimited charging with your new Tesla. It’s that simple. Just use my code (and click here) edward17990 and you too can get it. If you have any questions in regards of getting your new tesla? Just drop me a note and I’ll get back to you. I don’t make youtubes for this (there are already many others) but an honest blog like mine is something I couldn’t find that much so thats why I put my time in it to make it.