Tesla Supercharging voltage and power ratio

Monitoring my Model X with Icinga does give some detailed insights I haven’t read about yet. When I arrived last night the supercharger (24 stalls) was completely empty. So I was expecting the full blown charge speed. However the battery level and conditioning probably didn’t allow for the full speed charge.

How do the amps and volts move over time?

You can see the voltage did increase slowly over the period of charging, where you can see the power dropped from 94 Amps to 50 Amps the red line shows the battery level which seems to follow the curve of the voltage.

Ealier in the day we see a similar graph but with what appears to be less decrease in power during the charge.

There’s not much to conclude from the data for me now, except that it’s good to see the info and maybe on the longer term understand the times needed and when to start supercharging.

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