Supercharging in France

When traveling the Autoroute du Nord in France the superchargers are well placed. When going from Belgium to Paris you can find a supercharger near Lesquin (Lille).

The supercharger is placed at the Novotel hotel parking and while charging it’s easy to go to the restaurant of the Novotel. But nearby are also a Mc Donalds and KFC.

The next stop

The supercharger was not very busy when we passed by and had a full-speed charge. I can image in summertime It might be busy there. When you meet other drivers at the SC you will most likely see them again at the next supercharger at the end of the Peage (toll road) near Arras.

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Tesla Supercharging voltage and power ratio

Monitoring my Model X with Icinga does give some detailed insights I haven’t read about yet. When I arrived last night the supercharger (24 stalls) was completely empty. So I was expecting the full blown charge speed. However the battery level and conditioning probably didn’t allow for the full speed charge.

How do the amps and volts move over time?

You can see the voltage did increase slowly over the period of charging, where you can see the power dropped from 94 Amps to 50 Amps the red line shows the battery level which seems to follow the curve of the voltage.

Ealier in the day we see a similar graph but with what appears to be less decrease in power during the charge.

There’s not much to conclude from the data for me now, except that it’s good to see the info and maybe on the longer term understand the times needed and when to start supercharging.

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The benefits of supercharging

More than enough power at this Super Charger

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Charging on a road trip in Europe

Lately I’ve made a road trip through a part of Europe where we charged only at the superchargers. Not only is it a great idea to have a quick stop every few hours it also gives you the chance to take that much needed restroom break or have that Latte when you want it.

Are there enough chargers?

Yes there are for sure. In most parts of europe the superchargers are placed on the main routes and also close enough to eachother to make the breaks short enough. Never did I have to charge for the full time. And the charge rates at the super chargers are so high that a normal coffee, brunch, lunch or dinner break is more than enough for the needed charge.

When is it free?

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The drive to work

Imagine stepping in at home, and as soon as you get on the main roads to switch on the autopilot to have a more relaxed drive to the office. Thats what I am able to do daily and cruise to work. The rush hour is more quiet this way.

Rather than constantly focusing on the car in front of you it is now possible to focus on the exceptions on the road. Probably the best of the autopilot is the lane change option.