Tesla firmware 2018.14.2 and what did change

After a lot of news about the latest firmware 2018.14.2 for Tesla it was a suprise last week to finally receive the update. Earlier during the week I had a loaner Model X with a developers version of the software. It appeared a lot snappier in response but I couldn’t find anything else.

No new navigation yet (Europe)

The new software did not bring the long awaited navigation update yet. There have been a lot of youtube videos on the newer navigation but Tesla confirmed last week that it will take some more time before the navigation will be rolled out in Europe.

The update of the navigation seems not to be directly related to the software version anymore. This means we should be able to find maps versions somewhere, but I still couldn’t find that yet. In the API I can see the car version and I will monitor this when the new maps come. For now it is:

[car_version] => 2018.14.2 a88808e

Did I see any other changes? Yes! 

One of the main changes found was that you can now open up trunk and frunk with your app. Nice if you need to put something in your car and can’t access your FOB.

Power saving mode on

The main change that surprised me the next morning was that the power-saving mode was automatically turned on. This is probably nice if you want to save battery usage.

But when you get in your car in the morning to get on your way it is definitely not what you want. The car took about 5 minutes to boot all systems. A call to the service center did help a lot and after switching off the power saving mode it was fixed.