When the wait is over

The hardest part of ordering a new Tesla is… the wait.

Just when you made the best decision in a long time, you realize the pleasure of waiting on something good takes a very long time. The Tesla portal will show you all the different stages of production for your tesla though.

What will happen next?

When you place the order you will see the car appear in your tesla account page. After a while you will get a confirmation on the order. Then a little later you will receive the VIN for your car. This VIN is not always the final VIN since the production time can influence the code sometimes.

Then the wait and reloading of the site begins. You don’t know much until you see that the car is planned for production. Again nothing is sure, and there is no set waiting time known. Eventually the production will start and you know the time of delivery will come closer.

Transport to delivery

If your car has to cross the atlantic the wait is still not over. You will get the information that the car is on transport to the harbour for the crossing. That can take a few days to several weeks. Getting in contact with your delivery contact at Tesla can help on getting a bit more information.

For Europe you will find your car on one of the Maersk lines

Final assembly in Europe

When the car finally arrives in Europe it is depending on your country where it really goes. All European cars (except of Norway and Switzerland) end up in the Netherlands.

Where at Tilburg the battery / engine part will be mounted to the car.  If you have the chance to pick up your car in Tilburg than you will be treated with a small factory tour and a drop-off at the Tesla Pickup line.

Final delivery

When you see your car there is a Tesla employee delivering your car , explaining everything you want to know or you can just opt for thriving out right away.

Let the fun begin!